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Google offers nonprofit charities $10,000/month in fully funded paid search ads using Google Ads (formerly Adwords). To receive a Google Grant you have a few meet some simple requirements, such as being a legally registered nonprofit, in the US this means being a 501(c)(3), and meeting specific account level performance thresholds once the Grant is established. We can help navigate all of this so you get the most from your grant. Reach new donors, volunteers, promote events, and drive growth across the board using digital marketing. Ready to go on your own, click below and get it rolling!

Creating a meaningful, thoughtful campaign for your charity requires technical experience, business experience, and empathy. We wrap our expertise in these areas around your cause to drive the best possible results for your nonprofit. We bring discipline and commitment to your campaigns to drive growth that contributes to your charities goals, identifying opportunities and continually iterating on them. You’ll never be in the dark because you’ll have 24/7/365 access to a custom dashboard that allows you to track all Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) as well as a monthly Youtube link* where we’ll provide a quick update for you to view at your convenience, in these videos we discuss what has been done and why as well as what’s ahead, all in around 5 minutes. Leveraging a Google Grant for your nonprofit is great decision, partnering with us to reach incredible growth makes it an extraordinary decision. We are a Google Ads Certified Partner, so you can rest easy knowing you have an experienced team working with you. We provide a lot more than just basic management of your Google Grant see what we provide below.

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Google Ads

All Google Grants use Google Ads (formerly Adwords), Google Ads is the platform used to manage the ads for your Google Grant. Google Ads is an enormously complicated tool that can provide amazing results when you’re working with an experienced team who understands your goals. We provide expertise with Google Ads to bring real value to your organization. We keep you informed and educate you and your team as much as you’d like as we go. From the basic vernacular of CPC, CTR, CPM, and many others to the more specific nuances of Google Ads platform of Quality Score, Sitelinks, Callouts, Extensions, Negative Keywords, etc… We are a certified Google Ads Partner and have been working in the platform since 2007. Applying what we’ve learned, we make it easy for your organization to succeed with a Google Grant - reaching a new audience, at the right time, with the right message.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free solution that Google provides that allows you to track visitors behavior on your website. If you are not currently using it we’ll work with your development team to get it implemented and make sure key stakeholders have access. From there we use the data to track performance and iterate on your Google Ads campaigns, identifying which keywords are driving conversions (form fills for most organizations) so we can continually improve upon your campaigns to extract the greatest benefit for your charity from the Google Grant. There’s a lot of data in Google Analytics and beyond Google Grant it can provide insight about what areas your nonprofit visitors are most interested in so you know where to focus resources in the future.

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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free solution that Google provides that allows you to insert tracking code, such as Google Analytics, into your website without involving a developer. Have Google Tag Manager installed once and then all future tracking can be done without involving a developer. Another great benefit using Google Tag Manager is it allows us to track events on the site, an event can be any action a visitor takes on the website, such as clicking a button on a website, downloading a PDF, or viewing a video entirely. This is important because we can track form fills, contact us submits, or any other important action a visitor can take on the site as it relates to the Google Ads campaign(s) so we can make sure your campaigns are delivering the desired results, and continually improving.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is another free solution Google provides that allows us to create simple to access, read, and interpret dashboards. Line graphs, pie charts, tables, and a whole lot more, it allows quick and easy access to all metrics to any stakeholder who wants it, whenever they want it. No more hunting around in Google Analytics, or worse, wondering what’s going on but not having the resources to know. Evangelizing digital campaigns/performance throughout your charity is a critical step to ensuring a solid future for your organization. Whether you visit your dashboard once a day or once a year, knowing the data is there in an easy to consume format is an important step to ongoing success.

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Google Search Console

Google Search Console is yet again another free tool from Google, this one provides organic, or natural search results information. The importance of this for your Google Grant is that it allows us to identify keywords that may not be obvious, that your visitors are using and will help us maintain our required CTR (click-through-rate) Google has mandated for Google Grants campaigns. Google Search Console does a lot of other things to support SEO, and it only starts tracking for your website once claimed, so it will support your Google Grant, and if it has never been claimed it’ll provide additional value to your nonprofit if and when you ever want to pursue SEO.

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Monthly Video Reporting

We realize most of you are extraordinarily focused on your charity, and many simply don’t have time to know every nuance and change within Google Ads, or the experience to optimize it. Though you want to be informed and aware of what’s going on and why it’s happening, that’s why we provide a short monthly video report on your campaigns performance, these videos are hosted on Youtube, are unlisted, and generally under 5 minutes. You’ll never wonder what’s going on, or waste time trying to catch up, every month you’ll get your update so if you don’t have time to visit your Google Data Studio dashboard, you’ll be informed of the activities with your Google Grant.

You may have noticed that we recommend a wide range of Google solutions to support your Google Grant, this is not by accident. The suite of Google soutions works in harmony to affect incredible results for your campaigns. Some websites may not be able to use all of them, but we’ll work with you and your team(s) to get as much value from these solutions as possible. We structure our packages to deliver the greatest possible results for your nonprofit, and our fee to do all of this is a fraction of a single part-time employee!

We are a US based team who handles all of your work ourselves, we will not outsource your account to a third-party, or an offshore team. We’ve been Google certified for over a decade and know the ad platform inside and out. We’ve run hundreds of millions of dollars of ads in this time for some huge brands, and have since switched our focus to more rewarding work, which is why you are here. Leverage our expertise, passion, and strategy in a way previously unavailable to nonprofits.

We realize to many this may be confusing, and almost overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. One of our primary objectives in every Google Grant client we work with is to make the Grantee’s life easy, we don’t want you to be bogged down by this, we want you to leverage a solution that Google provides with no disruption to your current goals, rather that this seamlessly supports your nonprofit’s goals. We work with billion dollar foundations and single member charities, our goal is to support you and get the best possible return from the Google Grant through our expert management of Google Ads and incredible knowledge of the Google ecosystem.

If you’re ready to take the next steps, please visit the link below to purchase your Google Grant Management package today, our onboarding team will contact you in a timely fashion to get your Google Grant secured and live! If you have questions, please use the form below and we’ll find time to go over all of the details so you are confident that this solution is the right fit for your charity.

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Google Grant Management Pricing

Google Grant Management Basic
399.00 every month

Basic management of your Google Grant

  • Assist in Applying for the Google Grant as needed

  • Create Google Ads Campaigns

  • Simple Monthly Reporting

Google Grant Management Plus
799.00 every month

Strategic management of your Google Grant

  • Assist in Applying for the Google Grant as needed

  • Create Google Ads Campaigns

  • Google Analytics - Insights for your campaigns improves speeds up and improves results

  • Google Search Console - Insights for your campaign that provides a wider net to extend your reach.

  • Semi-Custom Dashboards, that share Grant Performance, Site Performance, and Organic trends.

Google Grant Management Premium
1,199.00 every month

End-to-End management of your Google Grant

  • Assist in Applying for the Google Grant as needed

  • Create Google Ads Campaigns

  • Google Analytics - Insights for your campaigns improves speeds up and improves results

  • Google Search Console - Insights for your campaign that provides a wider net to extend your reach.

  • Custom Dashboards to meet your analytical and reporting needs.

  • Google Tag Manager - Establish Goals, and Events to understand the donor/volunteer journey, and have greater visibility about key engagement on your website.

  • Monthly Video Reporting


Do you need help with a landing page, or have other specific needs not listed above about your nonprofit charity you’d like to have us take a look at? Please use the contact form above and we’ll help with a solution! We want to help every nonprofit that is interested in a Google Grant, so whatever your situation, contact us, we’ll find a way to make this work for you if you are interested.

*Monthly video reporting applies to Premium only.